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Enviropacific Services

Enviropacific consists of two divisions: Environmental Engineering and Petrochemical Services.  The Environmental Engineering division is an acknowledged industry leader in the provision of innovative integrated site remediation services to solid and liquid contamination problems.  The Petrochemical Services division provides design, install and maintenance services to retail, industrial and bulk petrochemical storage and handling facilities.  Enviropacific primarily services the following industry groups:

  • Industrials
  • Government;
  • Petrochemical; and
  • Resources.

The two divisions generate substantial synergy for Enviropacific as the majority of petrochemical projects require some form of environmental engineering services.  Enviropacific is the only petrochemical market participant on a national level, that is able to provide both diversified environmental and installation services.

Enviropacific prides itself on its ability to offer innovative, flexible and sustainable project delivery approaches to deliver optimal outcomes for clients whilst maintaining the highest standards in QHSE management and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

An exciting development for the Australian Petroleum Industry



Are proudly united to become


An exciting development for the Australian Petroleum Industry has been formalized by the recent acquisition of Petrotec by Enviropacific Services.  Servicing the NSW petroleum industry since 2003, Petrotec is a new generation petroleum service provider, focused on providing professional, compliant and safe petroleum services and products to its Australian clients.  Petrotec is reputedly a market leader in small to mid size petroleum projects, specializing in forecourt upgrade projects, maintenance and specialized service on retail and commercial facilities.

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Enviropacific provides Environmental Consultancy Services for site remediation and industrial waste management