Asbestos treatment approach

Enviropacific prides itself on offering a multidisciplinary approach and seamless delivery of our asbestos projects.

Asbestos is one of the most common sources of site contamination across Australia whether it is present in situ within a structure or displaced and damaged. If asbestos has been identified as representing a risk and left untreated it can result in serious health consequences, substantial environmental prosecution from regulatory authorities or significant project delays.

Our experienced staff understand the unique challenges of asbestos sites. Enviropacific’s asbestos management division comprises a team of extensively skilled and technically trained personnel, including licensed asbestos supervisors, qualified and experienced labourers, occupational hygienists and a licensed asbestos assessor.

Due to its robust and durable properties asbestos was used extensively throughout Australia in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s until its deadly underlying health concerns were identified. The use of asbestos and all products containing asbestos in Australia was not officially banned until 31 December, 2003. If a home/building/structure/facility was built or refurbished before 1990, it is highly likely that it contains some form of asbestos building product.

We hold both non-friable and friable asbestos removal licences in all Australian states and territories and specialise in the removal of friable and non-friable asbestos in soil as well as residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Common asbestos building products include:

  • Fibre cement sheeting
  • Moulded cement products – roofing, guttering, service pits and service conduits
  • Vinyl floor tiles/sheeting
  • Insulation and fire proofing – pipe lagging, mill board and roof insulation
  • Bitumen based waterproofing

In the built environment, potential health risks are posed where there is:

  • Presence of ambient levels of asbestos
  • Weathering of ACMs
  • Presence of damaged ACMs
  • Building, maintenance or demolition work involving ACMs

We have the experience and expertise to provide nationally consistent, best practice QHSE monitoring. Working to the highest safety standards, we also understand the emotional sensitivity that can surround ACM sites and the need to mitigate the risks posed in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a high standard of works to prevent disruption and public concern, while ensuring client satisfaction. We do this by placing the highest importance on occupational health and safety, environmental management, professional integrity and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

A range of asbestos specific management equipment is available, which enables us to deliver reactive ‘first response’ services to clients when needed.

Contact us today for an obligation free discussion around your hazardous building material removal requirements and download our asbestos and hazardous materials management brochure.