Bulk earthworks and basement excavation

The effective staging and execution of bulk earthworks requires specific expertise, which our staff deliver. This skill combined with our technical knowledge to interpret consultant designs offers immediate benefits to our clients.

Our hands-on experience and familiarity with different ground conditions also improves the ability to pre-determine project difficulties and plan an alternative. Technological advancements and the use of GPS has allowed real-time data to be obtained and design levels monitored.

It is through this knowledge that also allows us to select the most appropriate compaction and re-instatement plant dependent on the existing ground. We have recently been successful through the innovative use of impact rolling on un-controlled ground, mitigating the need for costly re-excavation or an engineered solution.

Briefly, our bulk earthworks experience includes:

  • Apartment or high rise building basement excavation
  • Educational and retirement institution site construction
  • Industrial sub-division and roads
  • Freight rail siding excavation and spoil management
  • Industrial property re-zoning and subdivision