Chemical immobilisation

We have extensive experience with chemical immobilisation treatment of soil and industrial wastes impacted with inorganic contaminants such as cyanide and heavy metals, including one or more of the metal(loid)s arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, manganese, selenium and zinc.

Our technical team performs treatment feasibility trials at our Newcastle laboratory to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed treatment, such as forming heavy metals into stable and highly insoluble metal complexes.

We use best practice analytical testing, including ASLP, TCLP, MEP, SEM and XRD to prove and define outcomes before the treatment methodology is scaled up and implemented on-site.

Our expertise is demonstrated in the numerous projects in which we have achieved major reductions in the hazard classification level of contaminated materials, which has allowed disposal of the treated waste to a local landfill or on-site reuse. This translates to significant cost savings for our clients.