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Acid Sulphate Soils

Enviropacific have considerable experience with the management of work in areas that contain PASS (potential acid sulphate soils) or AASS (actual acid sulphate soils) and are familiar with the special work methods that must be used to prevent excavated material having any adverse environmental effects.

Our engineers and scientists are experienced in the identification of ASS and also in undertaking field screening tests to separate ASS from other inert soils which may be encountered during excavation. We have an intimate knowledge of acid sulphate and EPA soil classification and tracking requirements.

By utilizing our Hitachi Soil Recycler (see equipment) we can accurately dose ASS with the applicable ratio of chemical reagent (typically lime).

We have undertaken many projects requiring ASS treatment, some of these also included the treatment (dosing and settling) of water associated with the soil management.

Enviropacific has developed and implemented its own management plans for the treatment of ASS. In summary, these plans include the following:

  • Introduction of the specific site and background on the soils and/or water to be treated
  • Preliminary assessment of the ASS and methodology
  • Assessment of the analysis against criteria (checklist)
  • Development of the treatment requirements
  • Implementation of the ASS treatment
  • Ongoing monitoring, assessment and review of the treatment process of the ASS
  • Testing and validation of successful treatment
  • Tracking of soil from excavation, through treatment to final resting place or off-site disposal (which can be done with a GPS system for even better control)

For further information on Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment please refer to our Key Projects.

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