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Bio Remediation

Enviropacific provides turnkey and novel solutions to bioremediation projects that include petroleum hydrocarbons, gasworks contaminants, explosives and other organic pollutants.

We offer a full service approach to bioremediation projects using bacterial surfactant enhancement, mechanical and/or active or passive aeration to enable mechanical methods which enable a cradle to grave management and treatment of contaminated soils and sludges.

Using landfarming techniques, biopiles and additives as required Enviropacific is able to design and deliver cost effective and sustainable bioremediation solutions.

For further information on Bio Remediation please refer to our Key Projects.

Bio Remediation of Night Soil Disposal site- Albany NSW

Bio Remediation of TPH impacted soils - Newcastle NSW

Enviropacific provides Environmental Consultancy Services for site remediation and industrial waste management