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Chemical Fixation

Enviropacific has managed many remediation projects that require the treatment of heavy metals. The heavy metals treatment involves a chemical fixation process which stabilises the heavy metals thereby allowing disposal to landfill at a reduced waste classification, or for reuse on a site.

Enviropacific has our own ‘in-house’ inorganic chemist who has a PHD in Inorganic Chemistry. We apply robust science to develop the optimum reagents and dosages to form insoluble inorganic compounds. In addition to conventional measurement of leachability such as the MEP, TCLP and ASLP tests we often incorporate Scanning Electron Microsposy (SEM) or X-Ray diffraction where appropriate. We can then develop our own treatment methodologies and refine those capabilities from project to project.

Enviropacific own and maintain a Hitachi Soil Recycler which allows for a measured dosing of a granular or liquid chemical additive which can be applied and mixed through the Soil Recycler. Refer to our Equipment page for more details.

Treatment of mercury impacted waste - Nystar Facility TAS

Lead and other Heavy Metals treatment - Cockle Creek NSW

Enviropacific provides Environmental Consultancy Services for site remediation and industrial waste management