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Micro Encapsulation

Enviropacific has managed many remediation projects that require stabilisation or microencapsulation of industry by-products such as coal tars. The treatment involves a physical fixation process which encapsulates the contaminants, thereby allowing disposal to landfill at a reduced waste classification, or for containment on a site.

The process typically requires a measurement of geotechnical properties of the treated materials including unconfined compressive strength (UCS), permeability and compactability in addition to the conventional leachate measurements of MEP, TCLP and ASLP.

Enviropacific own and maintain a Hitachi Soil Recycler which allows for a measured dosing of a granular or liquid chemical additive which can be applied and mixed through the Soil Recycler. Refer to our Equipment page for more details.

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Enviropacific provides Environmental Consultancy Services for site remediation and industrial waste management