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Current Projects

Evans Head Airfield

Richmond Valley Council

Evans Head, NSW


  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Asbestos
  • Heavy Metals

Remediation of Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome


Enviropacific are currently undertaking the remediation of the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome for the Richmond Valley Council on the NSW Far North Coast.  The contaminants are confined to the soil surface; as such the site remediation involves a surface scrapping of the air field (45,000m2) with all stockpile soil characterised through laboratory analysis.   Contaminated soil will be bioremediated to reduce hydrocarbon concentrations and allow reuse of material onsite.  Any material impacted by asbestos will be removed from site to a licensed landfill.  We anticipate a 95% recovery and reuse of excavated material at the Aerodrome.


  • Excavation of over 27,000 m3 soil from the 4.5 hectare site
  • Demolition of concrete and asphalt structures
  • Bioremediation of impacted soils to allow reuse on-site
  • Segregation and management of asbestos material
  • Development & implementation of detailed management plans
  • Stringent environmental monitoring programme
  • preparation of the Groundwater and Validation SAP QA/QC plans


Port Pirie

Progress at Port Pirie


Enviropacific are undertaking a project at Nyrstar Port Pirie, approximately two and a half hours drive to the north of Adelaide. The project involves the  immobilisation of approximately 2200 tonne of contaminated roaster bricks using Enviropacifics Hitachi Soil Recycler. The bricks are initially pre-treated onsite to 12mm minus given the amount of oversize material. Enviropacific are currently treating the material onsite. The treatment process is designed to reduce the leachable concentrations of the heavy metals to below Low Level Contaminated Waste Criteria (LLCW) to allow disposal of the material to a landfill authorised to receive LLCW and treated LLCW with EPA approval. Samples will be collected of the material to confirm successful treatment via ASLP and MEP analysis. The project is expected to be completed by late March this year.


Enviropacific provides Environmental Consultancy Services for site remediation and industrial waste management