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Groundwater Treatment


Bureau Veritas

Sydney, NSW


  • TPH Impacted Groundwater

Containerised groundwater remediation system Sydney


Construction of a containerised groundwater remediation unit consisting of an oil water separator, air stripper and off-gas treatment unit. The system was commissioned and installed within the boundaries of an operational service station site.

Groundwater is extracted from in-situ total fluids pumps and treated to meet tradewaste requirements prior to discharge to sewer. System was built to satisfy hazardous zone installations for electrical safety and to satisfy be compliant with relevant dangerous goods legislation for NSW. The treated effluent meets the stringent requirements of Sydney Water and includes explosive gas meters on discharge to prevent any release of non compliant water


  • Air stripper, oil water separator and off-gas treatment containerised into 10ft container
  • Suitable for flow rates up to 3600L per hour
  • Explosion proof and Sydney Water Compliant
  • Includes PLC for automation
  • Due to project time constraints works had to be completed within 4 weeks
  • Ex-situ and in-situ groundwater remediation system that manages contaminated water from beneath the service station and neighbouring properties

Douglas Partners

Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW


  • Tricholroethlene (TCE)

Chemical injection trial shopping centre complex


Enviropacific Services (EPS) was contracted by our client to carry out a groundwater bioremediation trial at a site on Sydney’s northern beaches. The project utilised our skid/dual-axle trailer mounted chemical injection unit to target a plume of chlorinated solvents originating from a dry cleaning facility.

EPS successfully carried out the chemical injection trial at a Shopping Centre complex. EPS injected a pre-mixed emulsion combining soybean oil with an alkaline pH buffering material across three injection wells in a fractured sandstone aquifer.


  • Set up of the chemical injection unit;
  • Transferred and mixed the reagent with potable water at a pre-determined concentration relative to the required rate of degradation of the contaminants;
  • Injected the reagent/water solution in batches at two well locations simultaneously;
  • Monitored injection pressures at the pump and each well head;
  • Carried out clean water flush at the completion of injection at each well location; and
  • Completed data sheets tracking injected volumes and concentrations at each injection point.

Enviropacific provides Environmental Consultancy Services for site remediation and industrial waste management