Multi-phase extraction (MPE) and soil vapour extraction (SVE)

MPE is primarily used for the remediation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). MPE is a modification of conventional soil vapour extraction (SVE) technology, which involves stripping and extracting VOCs from the soil by applying a vacuum to extraction wells, which induces air flow through the soil. Generally, SVE is applied to soil above the groundwater table.

MPE is a development of the SVE system as it concurrently extracts both groundwater and soil vapour. The groundwater table is lowered in order to dewater the saturated zone so that the SVE process can be applied to the newly exposed soil. This allows the volatile compounds sorbed on the previously saturated soil to be stripped by the induced vapour flow and then extracted. In addition, soluble VOCs present in the extracted groundwater are also removed.

We maintain a variety of skid, truck and trailer mounted MPE units and SVE units. These highly mobile units can be quickly deployed to sites across Australia that need in situ treatment of soil and groundwater.

Key aspects of our MPE and SVE equipment:

  1. Internal combustion engine (ICE) technology
    We own and operate two trailer and one skid mounted MPE/SVE systems utilising ICE technology. Each unit has a V8 ICE capable of achieving vacuums of up to 60 kPa and air flows of up to 170 m³/h.
  2. Liquid ring pump (LRP) technology
    We operate two liquid ring vacuum pump units that are capable of extracting from at least eight wells simultaneously and capable of producing flows of up to 400 m³/h and vacuums of up to 100 kPa.
  3. Skid mounted MPE/SVE units
    Our skid mounted units are ideal for pilot testing of remediation technologies and for longer term strategies.  They are custom built to our rigorous safety and engineering specifications, and can supplement any existing groundwater recovery system.

Our MPE and SVE units can be used for manned short term or one off events, or manned for longer term solutions. The equipment is temporary, non-intrusive, and eliminates the need for costly capital equipment and long term operational costs associated with permanent MPE systems.

The units are particularly beneficial on sites where the true extent of soil and groundwater contamination is not yet fully understood. Use of our mobile MPE units allows analysis and treatment to begin without capital expenditure on permanent treatment systems.

Mobile MPE also enables pilot remediation trials to take place, which provides our clients with a clear and concise understanding of the viability of the remedial technology at the site before the large scale permanent treatment system project begins.