October 2016

Spring brings with it a number of conferences and events around Australia where you can see Enviropacific present and exhibit, including EcoForum 2016..

Visit us at EcoForum 2016

EcoForum 2016. Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, 25-28 October, 2016.

EcoForum 2016 is the second biannual conference organised by the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) and will bring together over 400 delegates from a range of industries to discuss all aspects of contaminated site assessment, management and remediation.

EcoForum 2016 promises a unique scientific and educational program under the theme of One Planet – Resilience and Innovation in a Time of Uncertainty and Conflict. The event attracts scientists, engineers, regulators and other environmental professionals representing universities, government, research and development, site owners and manufacturers.

A number of Enviropacific staff will be contributing to the event as oral presenters and session chairs. Enviropacific’s Technical Manager, Annette Nolan, is Chair of the EcoForum 2016 Organising Committee and has been very busy along with the rest of the committee planning for the conference to be the best industry event yet.

See below for details about Enviropacifc’s presentations or drop by stand 18 to hear more about our services. The sixth annual ALGA dinner is being held on Thursday 27 October in Fremantle. This event will announce the winner of the Annual CleanUp Project Excellence Award, which Enviropacific was the proud winner of in 2015, as well as the Sustainable Remediation Project Recognition Award.

EcoForum 2016 presentations

Tuesday 25 October
2:45 pm
Session: Remediation Panel Discussion – Full day PFAS Workshop
Title: Remediation of PFAS Impacted Soil and Water
Presenter: Dr Annette Nolan

Wednesday 26 October
10:20 am
Session: Soil and Waste Treatment Facilities
Title: Evolution of Thermal Treatment Technologies and Treatment Facilities for Contaminated Soils
Presenter: Dr John Lucas

Wednesday 26 October 
11:20 am
Session: Soil and Waste Treatment Facilities
Title: Remediating Multiple Sites: Cluster Approach Success
Presenter: Matt Fensom

Wednesday 26 October 
4:30 pm
Session: PFAS and Beyond
Title: Remediation of PFAS Impacted Soil Using Innovative Treatment Technologies
Presenter: Ben Hanley

Wednesday 26 October 
5:10 pm
Session: Innovative Remediation Technologies
Title: In Situ Gasworks Remediation – Challenges and Innovations
Presenter: Ben Kay

Thursday 27 October
3:30 pm
Session: ROUNDTABLE EMERGING CONTAMINANTS Q&A – Come along to hear leaders and luminaries of the industry discuss the issues associated with emerging contaminants including PFAS and how we might move to a better place
Panel member: Dr Annette Nolan

Another busy year for ALGA and Enviropacific

As another busy year for the industry and ALGA draws to a close, and the ALGA AGM approaches, Dr Annette Nolan, current Chair of the ALGA Board of Directors and Chair of EcoForum 2016 Organising Committee, reflects on what has been driving ALGA and its achievements over the past 12 months.

Annette Nolan:

“Taking on these key roles with ALGA has certainly kept me very busy over the past 12 months, but it has also been very rewarding, particularly as EcoForum 2016 approaches and the conference program is finalised. The conference committee has developed a unique and exciting program, which we believe will offer delegates numerous professional development and networking opportunities. We are excited to bring the conference to WA this year, with strong representation from WA in the program and delegate registrations. Currently there are over 370 delegates registered, which is fantastic.

ALGA has also continued to strengthen over the last 12 months in many areas including membership numbers (which recently reached over 1500), branch events and attendance numbers, stakeholder representation, as well as the ALGA Special Interest Groups, which keep their fingers on the pulse with regular newsletters, forums and workshops organised to keep abreast of these key areas of interest. I have personally found it very rewarding to be part of the various ALGA committees I’ve been involved in, and encourage others thinking of getting involved in ALGA to do so – the benefits are mutually rewarding.”

The success of ALGA is a testament to the efforts of ALGA’s CEO and office staff, as well as the many hard-working volunteers who give up their time to advance ALGA’s vision for Australasia to lead the world in sustainable management of contaminated land and groundwater.

Enviropacific has contributed to a number of ALGA committees over the past 12 months – Nick Cowman (Sydney Branch Chair), Louise Cartwright (Brisbane Branch Committee), Ben Read (Darwin Branch Committee), Adam Gillis (Adelaide Branch Committee) and Annette Nolan (EmCoC SIG – Emerging Contaminants of Concern, EcoForum 2016 and Board of Directors).

PFAS Research Project with University of Newcastle

Enviropacific have been awarded funding from the AusIndustry Innovation Connections program to undertake a collaborative research project on Understanding Thermal Treatment of Per- and Poly-fluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) in Soils with Professor Eric Kennedy and Associate Professor Michael Stockenhuber at the University of Newcastle.

This research will underpin a key area of development and focus for the company. There is currently a lack of proven technologies to clean up soils impacted with these highly stable contaminants, and thermal desorption technologies are likely to provide a permanent and sustainable solution to their remediation.