PFAS water treatment

Enviropacific recently constructed a 1.2 ML/day capacity water treatment system to treat water originating from a large-scale groundwater PFAS plume in a sandy aquifer in NSW. This system treated approximately 178 ML of water to achieve PFOS and PFOA concentrations of <0.01 µg/L (maximum PFOS was 40 µg/L). The treated water was reused on-site via surface irrigation.

We were also recently commissioned to design and construct a water treatment system at a south-east QLD airport construction site to treat PFAS impacted water at 10 L/s and have commenced operation.

Our water treatment technology and equipment are well established at Enviropacific and can be designed to treat PFAS impacted water at rates >10 L/s. This equipment is largely containerised, allowing a treatment system to be established and operational on-site in under two weeks.

Further research and development trials are currently being undertaken by Enviropacific to investigate different adsorption media and separation technologies for water treatment.