Products and services

Enviropacific Petroleum Services offers a range of products and services
to our clients:

Fuel facility constructions

Recent installations include:

  • Multiple tank replacements nationally, including replacement of fuel infrastructure, canopies, pollution control, electrical and concrete forecourts
  • Aboveground system installations including self bunded refuelling systems, industrial facilities, fuel additives, marina and mining
  • Pipeline installations are conducted on multiple retail sites daily for all major oil companies

Pump replacement and UPSS forecourt upgrade

We perform underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) forecourt upgrades and pump replacements regularly and provide clients with the opportunity to maintain trade while the works are being completed.

Spillbox maintenance

We operate a standard spillbox maintenance program as part of our service. Our technicians pressure clean the box, remove the wastes and supply a checklist detailing its condition.

Fuel conversions

We have introduced E10, E85 and biofuels on retail sites nationally. We continue fuel conversion programs with the reintroduction of unleaded petrol and E10. These works are continuous and often involve excavation and pipeline installation to suit client specific pump layout requirements.

Commercial fuel systems management programs

We have long maintained a specific program dedicated to the maintenance of petroleum tanks, pipe systems and dispensing equipment on commercial facilities. This includes the provision of equipment integrity services and the supply of diesel fuel treatment.

Tank washing

We have developed a unique, safe and accountable process to remove sludge and debris from underground storage tanks without the need to enter the tank. These works have been conducted extensively for the industry.

Camera inspection

We provide internal camera inspection of bulk fuel storage tanks. A detailed report is provided advising of the corrosive status of the tank and an expected remaining life span. We do not require confined space entry into the tank.

Bulk fuel filtering

We have developed a mobile fuel filtering and polishing plant, which is actively used in the commercial petroleum industry.

Pressure decay testing (PDT)

We maintain a dedicated PDT test vehicles and maintain continual scheduled testing for the petroleum industry.


We provide removal, decommissioning and environmental validation of underground fuel tanks and of bulk storage and handling facilities for clients across Australia.

Vapour recovery (VR) installation and compliance testing

VR has seen a recent growth in application and is an area we provide responsive implementation and advice on VR guidelines and protocol services.

We were able to leverage our understanding of and interaction with US requirements and service systems, which are similar to Australian requirements. These include the installation of spill boxes and new VR stage 1 and 2 circuits.

UPSS Equipment integrity testing (EIT) remedial services

Our personnel have an intimate understanding of various UPSS EIT methods available in Australia and we are highly skilled at locating and repairing leaks on retail and commercial facilities.

Environmental protection plans and UPSS compliance

We provide site auditing and compliance upgrades in accordance with local regulatory requirements, such as NSW EPA UPSS Act 2008 (POEO ACT), for our commercial clients.