We work with clients to deliver innovative, cost effective and sustainable remediation solutions that enable land to be cleaned up to the most commercially practicable extent.

Our approach ensures that we provide the most appropriate solution for each specific site. We individually assess the unique challenges of each project using all available information, including site history, environmental reports and proposed future use.

Historically, our projects have largely been driven by brownfield redevelopment of industrial sites in metropolitan areas.

However, our services have been readily transposed to resource sector companies in remote areas that may face challenges with environmental issues such as heavy metal impacted tailings, drill cuttings or waters.

We are committed to minimising waste to landfill and maximising materials for on-site reuse or recycling. Using our extensive range of in-house equipment, we screen and segregate materials for recycling and treat soils to meet acceptable reuse classifications.

Materials tracking and cradle-to-grave stewardship are also central to the way we conduct our business.

We are mindful that such controls are an integral part of ensuring and measuring environmental compliance for ourselves and our clients.