Retaining, shoring, cut-off walls
and de-watering

We understand the challenges of a confined site requiring deep bulk earthworks. We have in-house engineers and geologists who understand the importance of excavation stability and how methodologies and staging influence the need for off-site protection.

We have demonstrated experience in the successful construction of a range of construction walls for basements. Our civil construction team also has demonstrated experience in the creation of large retaining walls, whether from heritage stone materials or backfilled block walls.

Many of the excavation stability techniques can be dually utilized for environmental or groundwater restriction. Typically referred to as cut-off walls they further reduce the need for environmental remediation costs by providing an impermeable, physical barrier.

We have an in-house groundwater group whom support the development and commonly pump and treat or ‘spear extract’ groundwater and rainwater during the excavation and construction process. The water treatment team have a broad background ranging from simple sediment trap water systems to complex organic chemical water treatment facilities involving carbon and osmosis Read more.

Core support services as part of the civil offering include:

  • Perimeter sheet piling
  • Shot-creting and protection
  • Cutter soil mix (CSM) walls
  • Gabion wall and basin construction
  • Block, key stone walls and heritage remedial works
  • Contaminant mitigation or groundwater ingress cut-off walls
  • De-watering spear installation and operation
  • Water treatment plant design, construction and operation Read More