Soil and waste treatment

Our hazardous soil and waste treatment operations seek innovative ways to minimise waste to landfill and maximise materials for on-site reuse or recycling.

We have successfully delivered solutions for organic and inorganic contamination problems on numerous complex remediation sites.

Selection of the appropriate treatment technology is based on demonstrated experience in conjunction with the specific issues at hand, such as the type and concentration of contaminants, contaminant behaviour within the environment and the biogeochemical properties of the soil. We review and evaluate emerging technological developments from Australia and around the world and incorporate them to deliver world leading best practices.

Our robust scientific approach includes treatment feasibility trials conducted under safe, controlled conditions by our technical team at our purpose built Newcastle laboratory. These bench-scale trials are designed to be readily scalable for use in the field. Conducting treatment trials in-house enables us to ensure a direct link between the laboratory method development and practical application.

Our treatment technologies: