Solidification/stabilisation (microencapsulation)

We have successfully managed numerous remediation projects that required the solidification/stabilisation of industrial by-products, such as coal tars from former gasworks or industrial sites. The treatment allows clients to dispose of waste to landfill at a reduced waste classification or to contain the treated material safely on-site.

The treatment involves a physical solidification process to microencapsulate the waste to create a solid material and restrict the migration of the contaminants. This is done by decreasing the surface area exposed to leaching and/or coating the waste with low permeability materials.

The process also involves chemical reactions that may reduce the leachability of a waste (stabilisation). The binding materials are incorporated using specialist equipment, including our Hitachi Soil Recycler.

The process typically requires measurement of geotechnical properties of the treated materials, such as unconfined compressive strength (UCS), permeability and compactability in addition to conventional leachate measurements such as TCLP, ASLP and MEP.

Throughout the process our experienced personnel employ the special work methods required to ensure that excavated material does not create any adverse environmental effects.