Specialised equipment

We own and maintain a range of specialised and general equipment:

  • Thermal equipment Read more
  • Multi-phase extraction (MPE) and soil vapour extraction (SVE) Read more
  • Hitachi soil recycler Read more
  • Emissions control systems Read more
  • Specialised water treatment units Read more
  • Crushing and sizing attachments Read more
  • Excavators and earthwork plant Read more

In addition, we supply a range of equipment through our Products division:

  • Absorbents, dispersants and polymer solutions
  • Booms – large offshore, urgent response and smaller harbour solutions
  • Bunding – permanent or temporary, new installs, retrofits and upgrades
  • Response vessels – manned and unmanned of all sizes
  • Workboats – task-dedicated and multipurpose
  • Monitoring equipment – such as the Ocean Eye and unmanned surveillance drones
  • Skimmers and pumps
  • Emergency response, storage and filtration solutions
  • Stormwater filtration solutions

We have direct access to conventional earthmoving equipment, screening equipment and soil treatment plants for use throughout Australia. Our engineers and scientists also develop specialised equipment in house as needed for our remediation work and products supply.