Specialised remediation equipment

We own and maintain a range of specialised and general equipment, which we use to deliever innovative, cost effective and sustainable remediation solutions:

In addition, we supply a range of equipment through our Products group Read more:

Track mounted soil recycler

Our Hitachi track mounted soil recycler is a specialist piece of equipment for high shear mixing of reagents used in the chemical immobilisation or microencapsulation of sediments, sludges, contaminated soils and industrial residues. It can also be used for blending additives for soil improvement or bioremediation.

The soil recycler is highly mobile and capable of accurately metering a range of liquid and powdered reagents at calibrated dosing rates.

Emissions control systems

We have a range of emissions control equipment which enables us to safely extract odorous and/or toxic emissions from within remediation enclosures. Our range includes units that are suitable for different volumes of emissions and units operated by programmable logic controllers to ensure easy and trouble free use.

Crushing and sizing attachments

We have a comprehensive inventory of attachments for excavators, loaders and telescopic handlers. These enable us to improve efficiency by screening and crushing mixed soil media in one process, which increases homogeneity and preconditions the media for treatment.

The attachments can also assist with the blending of chemicals or biomass to enhance different soil treatment processes, including improvement of soil geotechnical properties.

Excavators and earthwork plant

We operate a fleet of low hour excavators that are used exclusively for our clients’ petroleum and environmental remediation projects. Our plant operators are fully trained in the appropriate and safe use of our equipment and uphold all elements of our QHSE management system.

Our extensive range of ancillary specialised equipment:
  • Trimble GPS and rover systems
  • Handheld XRFs
  • Mobile decontamination units
  • Tip trucks (up to 12 tonnes)
  • Water carts
  • Hydroseeders
  • Rusmar odour control units
  • Handheld PIDs